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How bots on Reddit helped to crash Credit Suisse – now even healthy banks are at risk

Banking giant Credit Suisse was targeted by a sophisticated manipulation attack on Reddit that caused an exacerbated drop in the bank’s share price


Facebook shuts fake accounts in Sudan

Bloomberg mentions

Bloomberg mentions Valent ULEZ investigation

Peter Walker Deputy


London’s mayor mentions Valent’s work in climate speech

Declan Walsh

New York Times

New York Times cites Valent’s work in an investigation on Russian influence in Sudan

Goalhanger Podcasts

Rest is Politics

Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart were discussing our #ULEZ investigation in The Rest is Politics (TRIP) podcast

Viktor Dimas

Evidence of Online Manipulation in the UK Public Debate

We estimate large sums spent on undermining London’s clean air
Amil Khan

The Battle for Influence in Sudan

As conflict erupted in Sudan, Valent's research team decided to use our data to understand what was happening.
Zouhir Shimale

Twitter’s Wild Crypto Ride

Is Elon Musk winning? Check your crypto