Viktor Dimas

Iraq: Corporate Disinformation’s Ground Zero

Valent’s head of research digs into a situation in Iraq that is very likely to set the template for how disinformation will feature in the
Viktor Dimas

Twitter’s Wild Crypto Ride

Is Elon Musk winning? Check your crypto
A ballot box
Viktor Dimas

The 7 Magic Steps to Winning an Election

Much of our work focuses on addressing online manipulation. But we help positive actors improve their communications
Viktor Dimas

Pro-BJP Activists Show their Reach

Step-by-step breakdown of an online campaign originating in India that led to street clashes in the UK In September, foreign actors successfully used
Boris Johnson wearing a MAGA-like hat with the phrase (Make me PM again) with a background of computer bots
Viktor Dimas

Bringing Boris Back….?

We investigated an online influence network in the UK that wants to see Boris return as prime
Post-festival litter in front of Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage.

Right Wing Networks Exact Revenge on Glastonbury

A coordinated effort to misrepresent photos from the Glastonbury festival sheds light on online right-wing networks in the UK Welcome to the first